Our Fudge

Our cream and butter fudge bars are all made by hand using only the highest quality ingredients, making them delightfully moreish.

We have honed our skills through years of production, making our fudge truly irresistible.

Selection Boxes

Enjoy one of our handpicked Selection Boxes. These boxes contain 8 pieces of our delicious handmade fudge. They have been carefully selected from our customer favourites.

Our boxes make the ideal gift for sharing with friends and family with a flavour for everyone to enjoy!

Gift Boxes

We have picked from our wide range of confectionery in store, tailoring our Gift Boxes to different tastes.

We have used only the finest of our confectionery to make for fantastic gifts for a special someone.

Handmade Rock

Manufactured by our family for over 100 years.

Our delicious handmade lettered rock has been made by our family for 5 generations

Made in the same way we always have, techniques learnt and perfected to bring you all the memories of the seaside

Our rock is all Gluten free and suitable for Vegans

Vegan Fudge

Made with vegetable based substitutes, our Vegan fudge is free from any animal products.
This fudge is beautifully creamy, presented in our classic Gift Box.
Vegan fudge is the perfect gift for anyone who is:
Lactose Intolerant
Coeliac (Only suitable with Peanut Butter)

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Our History

We value our heritage and take great pride in everything we produce.

We use traditional techniques in producing our own confectionery which have been passed down through 5 generations, beginning with our great great grandfather in 1920.

We make a wide range of confectionery products including our own cream and butter fudge.

All our fudge is GLUTEN FREE, except those containing biscuits.

All our fudge is suitable for VEGETARIANS, except those containing marshmallow.

Made with the finest quality ingredients and years of experience, there is a flavour here for everyone.

Monthly Favourites

Still not sure which one to choose? Let our customers help you out.

Here are this months hottest products, chosen by our customers.

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